Day 35

Late out on a wet gloomy evening and I’m looking for colour.. the first black alexanders seeds attract my attention – and its snail city out there at the side of the path. Mainly yellow. A token few were relocated for the photoshoot and returned to where I had collected them.

3 thoughts on “Day 35

  1. So, no snail was harmed in the making of this photo? I’m fascinated – did they stay still long enough, I guess it isn’t quite a straight line, but I suppose straight is boring?

  2. Well, straight was the idea, but living creatures have their own ideas as you infer, and this was the closest I got: the first quick shot.  An interesting series of a dissembling line followed…  And although I would have preferred a bigger sample, large numbers would have been impossible to ‘manage’ on my own!  Working with the qualities and parameters of materials is what I do, but this was all new for me..

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