Day 40

Picnic lunch in a farm field, North Dorset with Ian and Clare. A brooding sky and a cheerful farmer, who, alerted by our movements around the machinery, came to ask if we were nicking anything.

Day 39

Several times I have wondered about taking materials into the landscape. Not only materials but also tools. eg. today I found a pile of cut, dead bramble stems which I wanted work with, but no gloves – and many a time I have wished for a knife.. With one exception (day 17) I have worked with only what I find and my hands. Today I gained some eco points by clearing up some rubbish at the same time…

Day 38

Down to the rock shelves once more after time at the Sculpture Hut. Today there was little wind but much sunshine – the kelp fronds have many qualities..

Day 37

DAY 37_3723 copy

..but had lots of fun. Several kelp fronds had been deposited on the lower rock shelves; the wind was still strong, and I wanted them to stream and swirl in the air like those still in the water…

Day 36

Ferrybridge on my way home … wind rippling the surface of the sea and a surging swell…. Marking the centre of the weed anchored so firmly in the turbulent sway and fray seemed important. Sea carrot grew sturdily on the bank of the old railway track, and the weed held a stem steady and upright even as it was submerged..

Day 35

Late out on a wet gloomy evening and I’m looking for colour.. the first black alexanders seeds attract my attention – and its snail city out there at the side of the path. Mainly yellow. A token few were relocated for the photoshoot and returned to where I had collected them.

Day 34

After yesterdays cop out, I’m ready to engage, and find myself planning … an early morning walk would be best so as not to shoot into the sun. The idea of working here (an old gun emplacement on West Cliff) has been around for ages and feels like one I will return to.

Day 33

Relaxing and recuperating after the recent manic weeks, I just don’t get around to thinking of this project. A way out/ to cheat, is this photo of my fragment piece in situ at Upwey from yesterday.

Day 31

Quiet moments on west cliff as the sun lowers: discovering these shells as I searched for white stones to make my stack was a unexpected joy. Lots of them – previously unnoticed. A creamier colour selected for the last stone to set them off.