Day 9 a wet grey day.
And a complete joy to make – the black mustard flower tips the brightest thing around and even more so on a dull day; the paving outside my flat a warm backdrop and the clump shape determined by the wind – after many single flower heads skittered across the car park!

Day 8

A soft gentle walk late on the east side of the island – Purbeck mainland in the distance – and little light left. Sheila, Dasha and Juno stop to greet and chat with Benji and owner. The cares of the day fade away as I explore which fallen stones will balance on this prominent base stone in the cliff..

Day 7

– but not staying together!

another day at the hut – teaching and cleaning the car.
used shears to trim the edge of the parking bay and reveal the low stone wall
just added a couple of stones..

Day 6

a day of blankness – inspired by pictures of crop circles I took scissors into the grassy field opposite my flat. But crop circles work in crops because the crop is so regular and even – space shapes are clear – not so in rich diverse limestone grassland! Tall allium stems caught my attention.. the dense ivy hedge/rockline provided a place – all rather laboured/not much flow, despite plenty of wind…

Day 5

day at the hut with Wendy – long hours with chainsaw working on resurrected sweet chestnut torso – beautiful shards – only one extra small cut to create the second base piece slot – end of day drama from heavy rain clouds – lying flat on my stomach to photograph as large raindrops fell exhilarating..

Day 4

lazy late evening down at chesil after a welcome tea at Jo’s – lots of photo inspiration but inclination to create limited – my eye caught this small piece of green net and the brown pebble at the same time –

Day 3

– the east side of the island on goat lookering duty, the sun shadowed out by the massive victorian prison but strong geometric forms and lines picked out in the evening light – a desire to soften and bring in colour – old man’s beard romping outrageously over the portland stone wall opposite this fence…

Day 1

– the wall edging the footpath outside my flat in the evening light – barley growing wild alongside the path – ideal for catching the last of the sun’s rays..